Highly Rated Body Massages - Relaxation from head to toe

Come enjoy our highly rated couples spa and singles spa massage. Choose from our standard and signature body massage sought by many clients . A long and extended relaxing massage will bring you to the dream land. A massage that helps to ease the anxiety, relaxes your mind and soul. Private room for couples massage room is available . Book Now !


Body Waxing Or Hair Removal - Be Hair Free and Care Free !

We provide comprehensive piece parts body hair waxing removal or full body hair waxing removal services. Enjoy speedy hair removal and a fuss free experience with our team of experience beautician. Say goodbye to embarrassing hair situation. Book Now !


Best Loved Facial Treatment - 5 Star Services !

Return your youth with our series of facial treatments. Treatments range from the basic skin cleansing , whitening, anti-aging services to our more advance course of facial treatments that will return your youth. We specially curate facial treatment to individual skin types that include eye treatment and neck treatment. Book Bow !


Massage & Spa Singapore

The Spa House is a customer-centric company that adopts a wholistic approach towards beauty and health care , offering therapeutic face and body care services for our discerning customers. Our tastefully done hotel-like  facilities comprise of eight spacious rooms including private room for couples massage spa enjoyment.

Customers who ask ” Is there a trusted and professional massage spa near me ”  – look no further . Highly rated and sought by many customers , we are one of the best “massage places near me”  in the East in the Siglap vicinity.

We welcome clients to indulge in a unique experience with us.

AQUAZ Treatment
Massage Bed

Our unique AQUAZ system offers multiple health benefits not only rejuvenating your body while merge with the revitalising warm water but also to your mind through light.

Our signature treatment bed that is exclusively available in Singapore

SANDZ Treatment
Massage Bed

Pamper yourself in our Sands system that heat and relaxes your muscles.

Our signature treatment bed that is exclusively available in Singapore

Our Products

Our award-winning products are specially selected for your every need. Be it body slimming, body massage, or facial treatment, these treatments are individually created and curated to optimize results.

Body Treatment

Body Therapy


Spa House Signature Massage

Experience true massage & therapy

The Spa House provides a serene and luxurious retreat for a soulful and rejuvenated experience. Our plethora of therapeutic bodies and feet massages are carefully planned to balance your mind, body and soul.

Our relaxing and cozy facilities include couple massage room where you can enjoy a therapeutic massage session with your loved ones.

Getting a full-body massage can be a great way to relieve stress.

A massage is what constitutes an affordable luxury. Singaporeans like getting massages but sometimes you don’t have time to drop everything down when your shoulder is in pain.

We offer the most relaxing massages by our own professional and skilled therapist. Our massage and spa services in Singapore provide different massage styles from all over the world: from Thailand, Indonesia Sweden, China to Japan. A great relaxing massage is available for our customers wishing to ease all their body aches and rest well. We offer impressive facilities spa packages and professional service for all our clients.

A massage is what constitutes an affordable luxury. Singaporeans like getting massages but sometimes you don’t have time to drop everything down to the Land of Smiles when your shoulder is in pain.

You can enjoy our spa’s sleek and sophisticated aesthetics and have affordable massage services intended to undo muscles knots.

Sanctuary For the Tired Ones

The Spa House offers an extraordinary spatial sanctuary and spiritual experience whilst incorporating traditional techniques for cultivating body wellbeing. A boutique design, with green pastures, taking natural elements into concrete. It made you feel a perfect getaway from the bustling city center. Our excellent therapists come together with a beautiful setting a comparably priced price. This is truly a popular place and it recommended to make reservations.

Foot Reflexology

One of our most requested services are feet reflexology and body massage sessions that range from 45 minutes to 120. To give you maximum experience, they also feature treatment beds for you to immerse in deep healing. Our services are guaranteed to be rejuvenating and quite relaxing making them ideal for the completion of a hectic week.

Couples Massage

Our highly loved and enjoyable couples massage and spa package in Singapore is based on our signature massage techniques and traditions. These deep tissue massage and spa treatments will help couples to replenish and strengthen their body in a holistic manner. The underlying principle of beauty is to promote good health and wellbeing in our environment. In the spirit of our couple massage promotion, our spa package includes a romantic and soothing indulgent spa retreat. You can choose your favorite spa services for the romantic spa package for a special spa treatment with the person you are visiting.

Slimming Massage Services

Our beauty spa in Singapore also offer slimming services with proper detoxification and face care. Many customer reviews were positive online with the vast majority providing reviews for the spa. We offer numerous wellness and beauty therapies like massage, foot massage, cleaning therapy and hot stones that truly help the body clean and relieve. Massage therapy is applicable in children’s and adults’ age, albeit with various treatments and pressure variations. We strive to ensure not only for comfort for our clients but also to offer them therapeutic massages which improve various health concerns.